Su-17/22M4 'FITTER-K'

by Franze

ALPHA release

This is an ALPHA release of the Su-17/22M4 addon for ArmA. It contains the following:


Franze (modeling, texturing, scripting)

Nodunit (ZiL-157 model and texture)

General Barron (getpitch, getbank, setpitch, setbank functions)

Footmunch (afterburner script)

Gaia/Xenom (nuclear blast script)

Gedis (provided information sources on Su-17)

Hellcat (testing)

Music Credits:

Peter Johnston (La ere gymnopedie) courtesy of

Davis High School Symphony Orchestra (Polyvetsian Dances) courtesy of

United States Marine Band (Grand Fantasie from Die Walkure) courtesy of

Bernd Krueger (Moonlight sonata 1st movement)

(Space Fighter Loop, What You Want v2, Cool Rock, Pulse Rock) Kevin MacLeod (

Special Thanks:

Col Klink - Many scripting concepts based upon his work

CrazyIvan - Cyrillic/Russian translations

Required Addons

Franze/EricJ F/A-18E/F pack for ArmA1

Project Background

The Su-17 project was started in summer of '08. The intention was to create a fighter-bomber that could adequately be explained away for SLA usage in ArmA. Given the Su-17's real world status as a cheap, dependable, and rugged fighter-bomber, it worked out well for that purpose. Unfortunately, 2 years later and it's still far from complete, and the planned campaign never got beyond 2 missions. However, we have managed to put a lot into the Su-17 itself:

There's many other features, but I'll try to cover most of them in detail in this manual. I apologize that this cannot be a final 'public release', but ArmA1 is getting quite old now and I'd like to begin moving to ArmA2 modding. As a result, this project is released in a 'AS-IS' state. It's better than nothing, right?